Services Overview

Relevate is a service company dedicated to the dramatic improvement of capital project performance serving owners, project teams, and contractors.  Our unique skills have saved owners over 32% on construction projects when fully implemented.  Our services include:

Lean Culture Transformation

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." - Peter Drucker

More important than any tools is creating a culture of continuous improvement.  Our educating and coaching allows teams to develop a Lean lens and to identify variance as an opportunity.  Our leadership development prepares your project leaders on how to respond when employees start to identify opportunities.  The combination of the two leads to powerful breakthroughs.  

Last Planner® System

In our opinion, the Last Planner System is the biggest innovation in the construction industry in the last twenty years.  When implemented properly it can dramatically improve schedule performance and improve productivity.  We help teams to spearhead Last Planner on their projects through training, coaching, and project team integration.  We have experts that have implemented Last Planner on some of the worlds most complicated projects with the most aggressive schedules.

Project Team Bootcamps

Teams are not groups of people that work together.  Teams are groups of people that trust each other.  Unfortunately during most construction projects, that trust is developed slowly, if at all, during the actual work.  Start your team off with the best possible chance for success.  A small investment in a Project Team Bootcamp will accelerate the rate at which your team develops trust with each other.  This allows for faster responses to problems and higher performance overall. 

Our Bootcamps are designed by US Army Green Berets.  They are fun and challenging.  The effectiveness of the bootcamp will be evident to you by our pre and post camp learning assessments.  

According to the Construction Market Survey competitive bidding adds 10% to the cost of a project.  Current best practice in construction contracting is to engage the complete project team at the beginning of the design process, if not sooner.  Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) provides a method to accomplish this.

We have implemented IPD projects across the world and can lead your team to define a commercial strategy that aligns all parties to a common goal and is acceptable to the owner and contractor.   

After the commercial strategy is defined we will help you "integrate" your team.  We do this through a proprietary chartering process that allows your team to define how the project will be executed.  When we are done, you will have a document summarizing the goals, objectives, and communication methods the team will use, the lean goals for the project, an active risk management process, and much more!!

Integrated Project Delivery Setup

PPM is the application of operational science to construction projects. Work in Process (WIP) and large batch sizes are huge drivers of inefficiency on normal construction projects.  PPM provides a framework to attack these problem and realize big gains in productivity and velocity.

We have experience with production management both on construction projects and in advanced manufacturing.  We can help you implement plans to reduce WIP and batch sizes and use variation as a tool to improve without expensive software.  The goal is to get work flowing reliably on the project and identify factors that are preventing this from happening.  Our expertise in production allows you to go as big or as small as you want.  We use simple tools like Kanban, proven in other industries that can dramatically improve flow on projects.  Even if you just want to experiment around the edges, production management has benefits for you.  

Project Production Management (PPM)

Nothing has provided more promise or broken more hearts on construction projects in the last decade than BIM.  Done well, it can be a catalyst for improved productivity, increased offsite fabrication, and reduced rework.  Done poorly, it can turn into a huge bottle neck, gating the start of construction and a waste of money on model "intelligence" that is often not used or needed when it is prescribed.  

We have done major BIM implementations around the world and can help you realize the benefits of BIM while avoiding the pitfalls.  We will start by defining your goals for modeling.  We will then complete an assessment of the supply base and develop an implementation plan to meet your goals within the capability of your partners.  When it comes time to execute we will lead your team through the development of a project execution plan and get the team into the habit of plan-do-check-act continuous improvement.  

Our strategic partners in BIM can provide you with a competitive advantage with low cost scanning, model coordination, and detailing expertise.  

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Howard Ashcraft is one of the best minds in the construction industry.  He states that "leaks come at the intersection of contracts."  For this reason he and we believe that an integrated contract provides the best opportunity for construction success.  If your contract between your designer and your builders is not integrated you are going to have problems.  We can help.

Unfortunately the "leaks" Howard refers to have led to years of processes and protocols that slow down projects.  Documentation is not the same as communication.  We will work with your designers and builders to develop new methods of communicating with each other that will save you time and rework.  

Even if you have an integrated contract the years of mistrust between A/E firms and builders can increase like entropy unless acted upon by an outside force.  Through our extensive work at integrating teams we have developed best known methods for design and construction to improve working together.  When implemented the benefits are immediately visible on projects.  

Design/ Construction Integration