Lean Construction

What is Lean Construction?  Lean is the systematic elimination of waste and has been used to revolutionize manufacturing over the past 70 years.  With over 2500 hours of direct observation data, our data has shown that at least 50% of the time spent on a project is waste.  The opportunity to increase profits for all parties involved on a construction project is huge.  Below are services that we provide that can help you start or continue your Lean journey.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery



Lean Culture Transformation

More important than any tools is creating a culture of continuous improvement.  Our educating and coaching allows teams to develop a Lean lens and to identify variance as an opportunity.  Our leadership development prepares your project leaders on how to respond when employees start to identify opportunities.  The combination of the two leads to powerful breakthroughs.  


Last Planner® System

In our opinion, the Last Planner System is the biggest innovation in the construction industry in the last twenty years.  When implemented properly it can dramatically improve schedule performance and improve productivity.  We help teams to spearhead Last Planner on their projects through training, coaching, and project team integration.  We have experts that have implemented Last Planner on some of the worlds most complicated projects with the most aggressive schedules.


Integrated Project Delivery Setup

According to the Construction Market Survey competitive bidding adds 10% to the cost of a project.  Current best practice in construction contracting is to engage the complete project team at the beginning of the design process, if not sooner.  Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) provides a method to accomplish this.

We have implemented IPD projects across the world and can lead your team to define a commercial strategy that aligns all parties to a common goal and is acceptable to the owner and contractor.